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Standing firm on the belief that, 'Our children of today, will be our leaders of tomorrow.' I would like to aid the young women and men of Lee County, by furthering their access to educational and vocational opportunities. This is vital in their quest of becoming innovators in the fields of their personal interest.


About Moses Jackson

Born and raised in the City of Fort Myers, FL, Moses Jackson is a phenomenal example of many great scholars produced by the   School District of Lee County. From entrepreneurship, social justice and youth advocacy, empowering others has always been at the core of his purposeful life.

As a father and educator of the School District of Lee County, Moses Jackson sees his candidacy for the Lee County School Board, District 5, as more than just an opportunity to fill a vacancy. This is a chance to bring forth a unique perspective and set of values that serve all stakeholders of the Lee County School District. 

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